Our Unique Design


Activewear for Petite Women of ALL Shapes & Sizes:

~ We recognize that while some Petites may have a very small frame, others of us are a little more curvy.  So, we’ve made special effort to design our leggings to fit women of all body types, with sizes ranging from XXS to XL; and we hope to continue to add more size options in the future.


~ Although any woman who is 5’4” and under is categorized as Petite, we realize there’s a big difference between a woman who is 5’4” and one who’s 4’11”…That’s why we’ve decided to offer 2 different options for each of our legging designs:

   * Pint-size Line - designed to fit those 5’1”-5’4”

   * Bite-size Line - designed for those 5’ and under

*** Each line differs in inseam length, to accommodate each of your unique & beautiful bodies ***


Designed By Petites For Petites:

Because we want your Kanika Wear to not only fit you well, but to also stand the tests of time and use, each of our pieces is designed, tested, & critiqued by active petites, like yourself.


A Socially Responsible Brand

 In addition to valuing the environment, we highly value people, and are committed to operating in a socially-responsible manner.  For this reason, all Kanika Wear is produced in the U.S.A., in facilities that we, ourselves, are able to visit and monitor.  So the next time you put on a pair of leggings, you can feel confident they were produced in a safe, lawful, & ethical environment.