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The Meaning Behind Kanika

 Why did we choose the unique name Kanika Wear?  True, at first glance, Kanika might sound strange and like no other word you’ve ever heard before…but there is rich meaning behind our brand name, and we feel it beautifully embodies everything our brand represents.
You see, Kanika is actually a purposeful mis-spelling of the Spanish word for “marble” (as in the old-fashioned game of marbles), a unique miss-spelling which my father created as an endearing nickname for my mother.  In fact, although they both passed away many years ago, I often look back and fondly remember how my father used to lovingly refer to my mother as his “Kanika”…But what do marbles have to do with my mother, and how does that relate to Kanika Wear?
Well, my mother was a petite woman, measuring a mere 4’10” tall. But, as my father used to say, “Although marbles may be small, they are filled with such vibrant colors and intricate patterns that marvel such beauty, just like your mom.  She may be tiny, but she is so much more than that.  She is strong and so breathtakingly beautiful, both inside and out.  She is, and forever will be, my Kanika.”  My father was obviously very poetic, but his words were so elegantly true.
My mother may have been petite in size, but her stature was in no way a reflection of the beauty and power of her character!  Although she faced many trials in her life, she taught me, by example, what it truly means to be an amazingly strong, courageous, resilient, yet kind, compassionate, giving, and loving woman.  Yes, she taught me that a woman can be both strong AND gentle, powerful AND humble, bold AND kind, intense AND fun!
This is the spirit behind Kanika Wear.  We feel that within each one of us lies this fiery yet fun-loving spirit, the Sportista spirit…a spirit that once found, is so powerful it cannot be broken!  We desire to help women find their inner Sportista, unleash her, and feel the satisfaction of reaching new heights!
Remember, you are uniquely beautiful and deserve to live a life you love!  May our apparel help you to do so, and outwardly reflect the bold, beautiful, and strong women that you are!
Living #theSportistaLife