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We create performance-driven, high quality, socially responsible activewear, designed to fit and enhance the beautiful, unique physique of Petite women of all shapes and sizes.

Read below to learn more about our story and what inspires us.


The sweat…the burn…that satisfying feeling of accomplishment…Are you a fitness enthusiast?  Do you thrive on living the active life? Or do you simply love experiencing the Power of movement?  Then, no doubt, like me, you probably also love a great pair of leggings!  But have you ever fallen in love with a pair of leggings, only to find that they are too long, or the high-rise waist is much too high?  Still, because you like them so much, you might have tried to make them work, by getting them hemmed…Then, afterward, to your disappointment, you realize you’ve cut off part of the design, or the ankles now fit more like loose pants, not tight leggings…Well, if this has been your experience, take heart!  There’s hope for us Petite Sportistas!

You see, being 4’10” myself and very active, I too had a long history of experiencing this frustrating dilemma, over and over again…And it made me wonder, “With so many athletic apparel companies out there, why does it have to be so hard to find high-quality activewear that, not only fits us petites, but is also comfortable, functional and attractive?”  I felt this was unacceptable, especially since so many of us women fall into this category of “petite”.  Actually, it’s estimated that between 54%-68% of women in the United States alone are 5’4” and under. That’s over 1/2 the female population!  The fact is, women of our height need more options!  Yes, the days of settling for bunched-up, folded-over, ill-fitting activewear need to be over!

Well, this is what inspired me to create Kanika Wear.  As the founder, I strongly feel that ALL women, including you, deserve support in leading an active, fit and healthy lifestyle. You deserve choices. You shouldn’t have to settle. So we've made special effort to design each element of our pieces (from the waist rise, to the inseam length and overall proportions) to fit and enhance your beautifully unique physique. Yes, whether you’re running, hiking, training, or downward-dogging, we want you to feel confident that your Kanika Wear was especially designed with you in mind.

 I wish you the best in your journey for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. May our activewear embolden your inner Sportista to emerge and reach new heights!

Doris Chagolla Picker




Your passionate pursuit of a fit & healthy lifestyle is truly inspirational, and is what propels us to do what we do! You are all beautiful in your own unique way and add something special to this world! So our mission is to support you and provide you with activewear that serves as an outward reflection of the Bold, Beautiful & Strong women that you are!